Top 5 Attractions on the Myrtle Beach Intercoastal Waterway

Myrtle Beach is a popular destination among visitors and locals alike. A popular summer destination, Myrtle Beach has plenty to offer vacationers of all ages. Its location on the Indian River gives it easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it prime for a variety of water sports activities. In addition, the Indian River allows for beautiful beach weddings, rentals for honeymooners and fishing trips. Families will also find plenty to do at this popular destination.

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The Indian River provides access to the Atlantic Ocean and Pee Dee River as well. Because of these factors, Myrtle Beach is known for its fishing, boating and swimming. On its south shore, Myrtle Beach is also home to the Grand Strand amusement park. Here, tourists can ride the wave roller coaster or stroll through the Amusement Park. Other attractions include the Indian River Coast, 60 Miles of sandy beaches and oceanfront beach activities, Golf courses, historic museums, Olde Town Spring, NASCAR Hall of Fame, World of Nations Boat Tours, quaint shops, duty free shopping, and the Indian River Rafting Museum.

On its way to the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian River flows through the coastal city of Cape Hatteras. Traveling south from Cape Hatteras, the path of the Indian River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. This makes this part of Myrtle Beach perfect for a day of relaxation and enjoyment. Two popular attractions in the area are the Indian River State Park and Hatteras State Park. At Indian River State Park, visitors can take pleasure in fishing, hiking, watching the turtles come to the surface every year, or just take a boat ride along the Indian River.

The other popular attraction near Myrtle Beach is its beautiful coastline. The Grand Strand State Park allows visitors to enjoy a picturesque beach that’s close to downtown Myrtle Beach. The beach offers many things to do including swimming, boating, and surfing. The nearby Grand strand Light House has stage shows with top entertainment. Another attraction here is the Barefoot Gold Rush, an annual event that features hundreds of stalls at the Grand Strand Gold Rush arena.

The Indian River Lagoon is another popular Myrtle Beach destination. This seven-mile long lake is known as the quiet oasis because of its peaceful atmosphere. Located on the southern tip of Myrtle Beach, the lagoon gives visitors a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and Pee Dee Sound. Other attractions here include the Indian River Wetland Center, which help preserve and promote the South Carolina’s wetland and forest resources; Indian River Bluegrass State Park, which offers fishing, canoeing, and swimming; and the Perquisite River, which draw in thousands of birdwatchers every year.

If you’re looking for a unique beach vacation that’s away from the crowd, you should try Grand Strand Tourism. Here, you’ll get the best views, unique sites, and access to some of Myrtle Beach’s best attractions. It is located right off the Grand Strand State Park. Here, visitors can see nearby properties like the Barefoot Resort, Crocker Park, and the Litchfield Estate. The Indian River Lagoon is also popular for boating, fishing, and swimming.

If you like golf, you won’t want to miss the Myrtle Beach International Golf Tournament. This tournament is held annually and features some of the finest courses in the country. It’s held on the Carolina Opry grounds, which is just a few miles from Myrtle Beach. During this five-day event, you can also enjoy complimentary beverages, meals, and other activities at local restaurants and hotels.

When it comes to things to do on the Myrtle Beach intercoastal waterway, the options are almost endless. If you love to fish, you can catch many species at the various marinas along the Intracoastal Waterway. If you’d like to view oysters, surfers, and other forms of aquatic life, you should visit the Topsail Island Marine Science Center. Another great option is the North Carolina Aquarium, which has state-of-the-art aquariums and water systems. And, if you love to kayak, you’ll love the Riverside kayaking experiences offered by Barefoot Landing.