Top 3 Attractions in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a small city and popular vacation resort on South Carolina’s historic Atlantic coast. It is known for its sandy beaches and a variety of activities and attractions. It is also well-known for its famous family-friendly golf courses. Along its wide beachfront boardwalk is the city’s oldest antique amusement park, the Grand Strand amusement complex, and the Sky Wheel, one of the longest Ferris wheels in the country. In winter, Myrtle Beach becomes a haven for sledding and ice skating.

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The Myrtle Beach area has plenty of accommodations to suit every budget and lifestyle. Many tourists find that the ocean front hotels, restaurants and spas offer excellent value for their money. To the North, just a short drive up the coast a little south of Myrtle Beach is Ocean Breeze Water Park and Center, which features attractions like the Everflow Center, where families can float in the fountain or go dolphin spotting.

For more upscale lodging, you might head up to Cape May, New Hampshire, which is about a three-hour drive north of Myrtle Beach. There, you will find the elegant Seven Seas Hotel, with its two underwater restaurants and a full service spa. One of Myrtle Beach’s most famous attractions, Barefoot Landing, offers rentals at its marina, gourmet dinners at the nearby Bistro Mire Restaurant, and a boat tour of the renowned Barefoot Landing State Park. When you stay at the seven-star hotel, you can dine at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, catch a show at the aquarium, or attend special events hosted by local celebrities. If you prefer something a little more casual, the nearby Seven seas Casino offers table tennis, craps, roulette and video games.

Just a short walk from Myrtle Beach lies Ocean Breeze Water Park, home to an award-winning diving attraction called the Underwater Zoo. This marine experience provides children and adults with a hands-on education about marine life. Adults can also take lessons from diver certified instructors in this exciting activity, or simply relax on the beach while watching the amazing displays below. For those who want a less adventurous activity, the park also offers paddle boating, fishing and other activities for children. There are even picnic areas, so your family can break out the blankets and eat outside during the day.

A short walk from Myrtle Beach is Emerald Isle, one of Myrtle Beach’s oldest resorts, which is located right on the ocean boulevard. The resort offers two different kinds of shopping: women’s boutiques and men’s boutiques. The resort’s pool is also a great place to swim and relax in the cool ocean air. The beach at Emerald Isle is beautiful year round, so plan a vacation there at any time of the year.

Another great place to visit is the Sandals Resort & Spa. This is one of Myrtle Beach’s largest hotels, and it’s located just a few steps from the beach. From the hotel, tourists can take a free shuttle to the beach. At the Sandals Resort, you can enjoy the complimentary breakfast each morning, or you can grab a hot cup of coffee at the breakfast bar. The spa’s sauna room has gorgeous views of the ocean and the sunset.

Finally, tourists can spend their days walking down the main boulevard of Myrtle Beach. It’s easy to get lost on this popular thoroughfare.. Just remember to keep your ears open for businesses that are passing out hot dogs and other food items for free as a way of advertising their business. A great example of this is located at the Bell Tower shopping complex off of Main Street..

After visiting all of these Myrtle Beach attractions.. There are still plenty of things to do on the beach. Enjoy the oceanfront activities, then go back to South Carolina and catch some golf at one of the many world class golf courses located in Myrtle Beach. If you aren’t a fan of golf, there are plenty of other activities to keep you occupied during your stay. If you want to see the sights, you don’t have to leave the beach!