The Best Things To Do In Myrtle Beach and S. Ocean

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The Best Things To Do In Myrtle Beach and S. Ocean

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a coastal city and popular vacation destination on the southern part of South Carolina. Myrtle Beach has been a popular destination for families for years. It is located along the banks of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It is also known for its popular theme parks, historic golf courses and its star-shaped hotels. In addition, it is also home to the American Museum of Natural History.

The city of Myrtle Beach is conveniently located near dozens of attractions, including the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It is also just minutes from the equally enchanting oceanfront hotels. There are tons of activities and attractions in and around Myrtle Beach. Families will enjoy activities such as fishing, surfing, boating, swimming, hiking, beach volleyball, sailing and more. You can even stay at Ocean Breeze Water Park, one of Myrtle Beach’s newest attractions.

When it comes to sight-seeing, there are several must-see sites in and around Myrtle Beach. To name a few, there is Paradise Point State Park, which is about a half hour from the heart of Myrtle Beach. Here, you can view a large variety of scenic and natural scenery, including the Historic Albemarle Road, which has been called “the best stretch of road in the world”. If you prefer horseback riding, you can try Barefoot Landing, which is about three miles away from the beach.

If you prefer music and photos, there are two great ways to experience the sweet melodies along the shores of Myrtle Beach. The first is to take in a Barefoot Landing sponsored activity. This can include an eco-tour with your favorite barefoot landing expert, or a photo opportunity with your favorite musician, photographer, or actor. Other activities that may be sponsored by Barefoot Landing include biking, boating, tennis, sand sculpture, sailing and more. If you would rather skip the beach and shop, there is still plenty to do on the uptown area of Myrtle Beach.

Known as the “Bible City” of the South, Myrtle Beach has always boasted some of the most outstanding entertainment in the nation. Many of Myrtle Beach’s finest attractions are located in its historic part of town, which is called the Albee Plaza. This area features beautiful gardens, parks, theaters and restaurants. Two particular events that you will definitely want to check out are the Carolina Theatre and Barefoot Landing. Both of these performances can be found every night along International Drive.

The Carolina Theatre has an eclectic blend of local talent as well as top-notch professional actors and actresses. For a great family-friendly break, the Myrtle Beach Shakespeare Festival & Festival are a fantastic option for you and your family. This festival showcases the best of southern theater in the form of both classic and contemporary plays. Each year over forty shows take place at this unique venue.

If you are looking for family-friendly fun during the day, then you will definitely want to check out the Barefoot Landing Summer Fest. This highly-visible annual event is held on the beach every day from May into September and includes fun games, food, and live music. Other events that you will certainly want to check out include the South Carolina Air and Sea shows and the Myrtle Beach Golf and Country Club Invitational. At this latter event, you will get to experience golf at its finest, as you will compete in the tournament, as you watch the big game.

If you are a thrill-seeking individual, then you may love to head out to the Grand Caverns State Park. Here, you can go horseback riding, white water rafting, or just relax with a nice cup of tea. No matter what you choose to do in the park, you will be able to find all of the right amenities to make your trip comfortable. As a result, you will want to head out to the Myrtle beach and S. ocean region whenever you can.