A Summer Holiday Inn North Myrtle Beach

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A Summer Holiday Inn North Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, a delightful town and holiday resort on South Carolina’s coastal plain, is a hub of the historic Grand Strand. It is also noted for its legendary golf courses, luxury hotels and other attractions. On its glorious beachfront boardwalk, you will see arcades, souvenir shops, restaurants and the charmingly original Family Kingdom theme park. Within walking distance to all this, lies the family-friendly Myrtle Beach Resort and Spa.

Golfers will appreciate the many options in Myrtle Beach. Between the renowned South Carolina Golf Association (SCGA) and the North Carolina Professional Golf Association (NCPLA), visitors have numerous options for playing at one of the many scenic golf courses located here. In addition, Myrtle Beach has dozens of other sporting events, festivals and attractions to keep the avid golfer occupied. Many visitors find the area ideal for both playing and relaxing, which explains the proliferation of Myrtle Beach resorts and hotels. Among these are the Folly Mountain Golf and Country Club, Pequot National Golf Club, The Green Valley Inn and Golf Club, Ramblewood Resort and Spa, Wolf Ridge Golf and Country Club, and the Shady Hollow Golf and Country Club.

Those who love to kayak, canoe or fly fishing can explore nearby waterways and lakes. Visitors can also check out some of the spectacular scenery that encompasses the Grand Strand. Hikers can explore the trails found around the Grand Strand. Wildlife enthusiasts can check out the beach deer, sea birds, and other inhabitants found around the vicinity. Indeed, the Grand Strand is one of the most popular vacation spots in south Carolina.

Those who prefer to golf can have an enjoyable getaway at the numerous public and private golf courses located in the Myrtle Beach region. One of these is Wax Myrtle, which has won several awards, including a ribbon for its top ranking. Another golf course that can be enjoyed by all is the luxurious Pine Haven Golf Course. Other notable courses include the Black River Golf Course in Rockingham and the Bob Evans Country Club, which are in Jacksonville.

The fun fact about Myrtle Beach is that not only is it home to professional golfers, but it is also home to many of the best mini golf courses in the nation. In fact, Myrtle Beach is home to three of the six major mini golf tournaments in the nation. The Fazio course, which was previously operated by Billabong, is now operated by Silver Star Golf. The course is considered one of the premier courses in the world and hosts the invitational WPT competition annually. Other notable courses in the area include River’s Edge and the Gold Coast Golf Club.

North Myrtle Beach is known as the “Grape Valley of South Carolina” due to the abundance of large, old growth trees. While driving up and down the famous North Myrtle Beach highway you will see over 18 bridges. This is due to the popularity of this area as a family destination. Other notable points of interest include the Sand Barrens National Wildlife Refuge, which is adjacent to the area.

Another reason why Myrtle Beach is known as a great family vacation spot is that there are a multitude of different golf courses in the area. The two most popular golf courses in the state are Liger Golf Club and Barefoot Resort. The Barefoot Resort has won several prestigious awards including the U.S. Open, PGA Championship, Ladies’ Golf World Tour, and Golf Digest Tour. Liger Golf Club was rated number one in the nation by Golf Digest.

North Myrtle Beach has an incredible amount of activities for everyone. Families can spend time fishing, hiking, taking a boating trip, or just strolling on the beach. Because there are so many activities available in the area, families will find it difficult to not have a great time in Myrtle Beach.