Things to Do in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, a popular destination and vacation spot on South Carolina’s eastern coast, is the cultural hub of the Grand Strand. It is known for its beachfront amusement parks, vintage-style hotels and elegant dining. Its sandy beaches are lined with restaurants that serve continental, Asian and American cuisine. In winter, visitors can enjoy sledding, snowboarding or snowshoeing on the Big White.

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Myrtle Beach has a variety of accommodations to suit every budget. When traveling through the city, it is best to plan your trip by taking a taxi cab from the airport. Taxicabs are available throughout the city at the airport or at designated drop-off locations along the strand. You can also rent a car if you prefer, but the gas mileage will be higher and you will need to pay extra for insurance. To save money, consider driving yourself instead.

If you’re traveling in larger groups, or if your family insists on staying in one place, there are several options for transportation to and from the Myrtle beach area. There are several companies that provide limousines for weddings or proms, and charter buses for families going to or from the beach. There are also several companies that offer shuttles to the ferry that brings visitors to the grand strand. Taxi cab services are more expensive, but charter buses make it easier to travel in groups.

If you’re traveling with the whole family, consider hiring a limousine. A chauffeur will come to pick you up at the airport and take you to your destination, and most of them even have TVs and DVD players so you can watch the movies while you’re being driven around the city. A few companies also offer designer cars for those who want a more upscale ride.

Most of Myrtle Beach’s upscale resorts are located along the Grand Strand. Some of these are upscale enough to serve as a wedding venue or a reception location, depending on what’s available. Other resorts are more family-oriented. There are resorts that are located near the beach, near the downtown area, or just within walking distance to all of Myrtle Beach’s attractions. The best way to figure out which is right for you is to contact the various companies in the area and ask about what they offer their guests.

Planning your trip to Myrtle Beach involves deciding on a travel destination, determining how long you’d like to stay in the area, and choosing a hotel or resort to stay at. You might also be interested in taking a sailing or jet ski tour around the Grand Strand; although, these tours are typically offered on the afternoon, you might also be able to find one that evening if you’d like to. A popular tourist activity in the Myrtle Beach area is the annual Spring Water Tournament, which has taken place every year since 1974. Even if you don’t partake in the tournament, the water is a beautiful and colorful venue for swimming, boating, and other water sports.

There are many more things to do in the Myrtle Beach area, including a multitude of events that happen virtually year-round. One of these is the South Carolina Peach Festival, which takes place during May and June, with the grand strand as its focal point. The festival features lots of contests, demos, and family activities; however, if you would like to learn about other events taking place in the Myrtle Beach area, you can generally find great information about them by contacting tourism operators or your local travel agent.

If you are planning a vacation in the area, you should definitely look into staying at a hotel near the Grand Strand because there is simply no better way to see it all. However, even if you only stay for a day, you’ll have so much to experience that it will be hard to leave your room. So, if you want to truly experience everything that the Grand Strand and S. Ocean Boulevards have to offer, make sure to check out the Myrtle Beach area!