Popular Hotels Near Myrtle Beach

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Popular Hotels Near Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a popular destination and vacation spot on South Carolina’s beautiful Atlantic shore. Myrtle Beach is also known for its many family attractions, including the famous Folly Beach amusement park, the Family Kingdom amusement park, the Skywheel amusement ride, and its family-friendly beaches. Myrtle Beach is also a convenient location for flights to Charlotte-area airports. Its low humidity makes it a great place for families. Flights to Myrtle Beach are generally available during the weekdays, from Thursday through Sunday.

Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer visitors. Its beaches are picturesque with white sand and clear blue waters. Activities include boating, swimming, sailing, fishing, surfing, jet skiing, jet-skis and wakeboarding. The Grand Strand has a long stretch of sandy beach, the longest on the eastern seaboard. Here, visitors can find numerous restaurants and other establishments, as well as scenic spots for bird watching and photography.

Traveling to Myrtle Beach means seeing plenty of southern things. Within an hour or so of Myrtle Beach’s latitude, you can drive south on I-40, which connects with major highways such as I-264 and US 95. Just west of Myrtle Beach is Pee Dee River State Park. Here, nature lovers can stroll, fish, hike, canoe or swim.

For golf enthusiasts, driving to Myrtle Beach means stopping at the Carolina International Golf Club. Considered the oldest golf club in the United States, Carolina International Golf Club has a membership of nearly two hundred people. This highly acclaimed golf club offers eighteen different golf courses, ranging from ones located in Wilmington to ones in New York City. On game day, visitors can watch professional golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, who play every day at the club.

Another reason to stay near the Myrtle Beach resorts is that it is a great location to get to the ocean front. Myrtle Beach is just minutes from Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The best access to the ocean front is a Myrtle Beach subletting your vacation home or condominium to a resort owner who owns a boat. Owning a boat allows you to spend more time on the oceanfront or on the beach if you wish.

Another fabulous location to stay near the Myrtle Beach resorts is the Carolina Opry. The Carolina Opry features two thousand feet of Atlantic Ocean beach. The Opry is known for its fishing experience as well as its music. On game day, you will witness the best of both worlds, when you have the opportunity to fish off the Opry’s famous river while you listen to live entertainment. Many tourists have fished off the Opry’s river while staying at the Carolina Opry.

For those traveling with children, they will find plenty of fun activities to participate in as they explore the Myrtle Beach region. In addition to the ocean front beaches, there are other attractions such as the Carolina Beach Kids Museum and Aquarium, which features all ages of interactive fun. If you wish to play in one of the sand boxes or at one of the shells, you will be able to find some great family discounts at the various Myrtle Beach hotels. For instance, some of the hotels offer special rates to families wishing to stay at the beach, whether you book a room in a beachfront condo or a room in a hotel owned by a member of the Myrtle Beach club.

For those who want to have a unique vacation experience, nothing is better than staying in a room at the top of a luxury oceanfront resort. Several of these oceanfront accommodations are located right on the ocean itself. You may choose to stay at a resort that sits on the coast or one that is right on the water. Either way, you will have the spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean every day of your stay!