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Myrtle Beach Resorts

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a coastal city and popular vacation resort on the southern part of South Carolina. It is known for its beautiful beachfront, along its boardwalk are restaurants, arcades and souvenir shops, and the lovely old-fashioned Family Kingdom theme park. On its famous beachfront boardwalk, you will find lots of shopping for souvenirs, golf, fishing and beautiful beachcombers. On your way to the sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach, stop by the Gumbo Limbo restaurant for a fun filled night.

Myrtle Beach has many great dining options, such as Barefoot Landing, the Cheesecake Factory, Tractor Supply, Golden Corral, The Cheesecake Factory, World Class Banquet and Dance Studio, and Myrtle Beach Golf and Country Club. For some of South Carolina’s best cuisine, don’t miss Outback Steakhouse & Casino, which is located downtown. You can visit The Shoppes at Summerland, where you’ll enjoy over one hundred thousand feet of beautiful views of the ocean and fireworks every night.

If you’re looking for good Myrtle Beach experiences, without going bankrupt, the most outstanding things to do are: enjoying the natural scenery, visiting the Barefoot Landing amusement park, dining in the downtown area at Barefoot Landing or the Cheesecake Factory, or taking a sail on the waters of the Carolina River. For those wanting to stay on the more quiet side, there are plenty of Myrtle Beach condos to choose from, including the ones located at Diamond Harbour and Seabrook. There are many other waterfront condos available for rent, so that visitors have many options when it comes to finding accommodations that fit their budget.

Those who love the sound of a live jazz band will definitely want to check out Barefoot Landing, which is known for hosting great music events. This area of Myrtle Beach is home to the award winning Barefoot Landing Jazz Festival, held every June. The festival features top musical talent as well as workshops, lectures, and competitions for kids and adults. In addition to Barefoot Landing, the neighboring towns of Wildwood, North Myrtle Beach and Boardman all have jazz festivals of some kind. If you’re interested in taking in one of these events, be sure to check out the Myrtle Beach Shops & Clubs calendar for all the scheduled events.

Perhaps you’re interested in traveling to the area, but you’re worried about how to get there. Fortunately, there are many different ways to get around the Myrtle Beach area. For instance, there are many taxis and limousines available for hire right on the beach. There are also charter buses that will take visitors to all of the popular destinations. For those travelers that are interested in driving, they can also easily rent a car from the south Myrtle Beach airport.

One of Myrtle Beach’s most famous attractions is the Carolina Opry. The Carolina Opry is an annual event that is known to bring in crowds by the thousands. For those who are interested in seeing the show, there are several hotels that are located nearby.. As a matter of fact, the hotels along the Broadway Street pedestrian avenue are even walking distance from the entrance of the Carolina Opry.. Hotels such as the Radisson Myrtle Beach and Days Inn Myrtle Beach are located near the intersections of Broadway and Myrtle Beach Boulevards..

If you are looking for a vacation rental in Myrtle Beach that is secluded and private, you may want to consider staying at one of the five-star accommodations located right on the beach. These five-star hotels are owned by international corporations and offer visitors wonderful amenities such as full-service restaurants and shopping centers, saunas, heated swimming pools, and other amenities. Many of these Myrtle Beach resorts are also great locations for golf courses, so if you are looking for a golf weekend getaway, you may want to check out some of these Myrtle Beach resorts.

If you are looking for a place to go on a relaxing vacation without having to worry about the weather, the best Myrtle Beach resorts are the ones located right on the oceanfront. Ocean front resort’s offer wonderful accommodations and ocean-front restaurants to their guests. In addition, many of these resorts also offer complimentary ocean view or ocean front decks that are open for viewing anything that is going on along the ocean. The main attraction of any Myrtle Beach resort is its gorgeous beaches and its relaxing atmosphere. With all of these great things to do, a Myrtle Beach resort vacation may be just what you are looking for to escape from your everyday routine.